About Us

Glesvær Rorbu has 8 pleasant rorbu apartments for rent. 4 apartments with 2 bedrooms for 4 people and 4 with 3 bedrooms for 6 people. It is possible to rent boats with an outboard motor. Wi-Fi is free of charge, and there is good mobile coverage.

We also have a room suitable for gatherings and conference/meetings. This room can seat 35 people for dinner or be set up as seminar/meeting facilities for 20 persons. We have all the technical means such as wifi, projector, and whiteboard.

Catering service can be arranged by Glesvær Kafe. Glesvær kafe serves dishes based on seasonal ingredients.

The old trading city, Glesvær is located south on the island Sotra, a 40-45 minute drive southwest of Bergen. With a fast boat, it’s about the same drive. Glesvær has been the center for local trading and fishing for centuries. The first time we hear about Glesvær is in 1664, when the grocer from Bergen, Henrik Wessel started his trading privilege here. He behaved as a king at Glesvær, everyone had to deliver their catch to him. He set the price and all the money he had to pay was paid back to the country store or in the tavern he also owned. For several hundred years Glesvær has been the largest fishing community at Sotra. The main building which was built in 1688 is still standing at the quay and is now used as a private home. Hans Arne and Bente Blomvågnes-Bakke are the fifth generation who run the old trading city.

Today Glesvær is a popular destination for visitors and a natural meeting point for the local community. Tourists from Europe, and Germany in particular, are eager fisherman and returns year after year. Outside the large boathouse, you will find a gutting space with water and a suitable table.