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Glesvær Rorbu

New boat for the 2020 Season - Kværnø 585 (19') w/60 Hp

It is possible to rent a steady boat with outdoor motor. Wih the boat it is possible to explore  islands, visit bathing areas or fishing. The fishing places are not far away, in sheltered waters when it blows, and on the ocean in nice weather (10 minuts with the boats).


Currently we have 6 boats of the type ” Glesvær” 17 ft with 9,9 hp outboard motor and 4 Øien 530 F 18 ft with 20 hp outboard motor.


We have registered us as a tourist fishery business, and from 01.01.2018 our guests can bring 20 kg filet. (Directory of fisheries)

17 feet boat